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작성자 M YOOHOO (112.♡.149.123) 작성일15-09-17 03:18 조회2,319회 댓글0건


게시일: 2014. 8. 15.

00:05 Richard Marx, I'll be there waiting for you

04:27 Chicago, Hard to say I'm, sorry

07:42 Dru Hill, We're not making love  no more

12:16 R. Kelly, I believe I can fly

17:27 Earth, Wind and Fire, September

20:26 Elton John, Sorry seems to be the hardest word

24:08 Bee Gees, How deep is your love

27:58 Roberta Flack, You make me feel brand new

32:50 Journey, Open arms

36:15 Lionel Richie, Hello 


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