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작성자 M YOOHOO (112.♡.149.123) 작성일15-03-23 05:10 조회4,003회 댓글0건


perfect by nature 
icons of self indulgence 
just what we all need 
more lies about a world that 

never was and never will be 
have you no shame dont you see me 
you know youve got everybody fooled 

look here she comes now 
bow down and stare in wonder 
oh how we love you 
no flaws when youre pretending 
but now i know she 
to moonn6pence from papayeverte

never was and never will be 
you dont know how youve betrayed me 
and somehow youve got everybody fooled 

without the mask where will you hide 
cant find yourself lost in your lie 

i know the truth now 
i know who you are 
and i dont love you anymore 

it never was and never will be 
youre not real and you cant save me 
somehow now youre everybodys fool 

to moonn6pence from papayeverte


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